1. Regina Slider

    My father was born on this day. I remember him telling us how the hospital had to use gas lights because there was no electricity.

  2. E.Toni Henderson

    My mom and dad were married just two years and lived in a apartment on the north side, my dad Rudy, recalled, his wife, Eunice,hollering at him from the bedroom that he should have woken her she was late for work and my dad said you won’t be going to work, look out the window. They could see the flooding from the allegheny river and its affect on the streets near their building were flooded.

  3. Nancy Neiberg Kosanovich

    My Father, Carl M. Neiberg, MD, had his Orthopedic office in the Jenkins Arcade, across the street from Hornes. My parents were married in April, 1936. The story of this flood was repeated over and over. It was a VERY stressful time for everyone who lived or worked in the flood zone. I am trying to find a photograph to purchase that includes the Jenkins Arcade at this time.

  4. Philip Bourdon

    That barge photo under the bridge is NOT from 1936. Just look at the cars as they are much newer than that.

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