1. Sam Stanton

    Tim also had a part in the movie about the Temptations. Just sayin!

  2. zl

    Would absolutely love to step back in time into that record store and grab all of those sealed Beatles albums.

    Great story. Thanks.

  3. Paul Battisti

    One of the most riveting speeches I ever heard on Affirmative Action issues was from Mr. Stevens to a hospital employee crowd during Black History Month some 15 years ago. Wonderful Pittsburgher, a notable man.

  4. Tim Weber

    Hi Tim,
    I doubt if you would ever remember me but we sat next to one another in a couple of classes at Pitt around the ’66-’67 era, Political Science, if I remember correctly. You were a well spoken, intelligent and good looking black man who, even back then, I always said would make a great spokesman for the black community. I am very happy to pass along this very sincere compliment, 50 years later, that you not only met my expectations of you from back in 1967, you EXCEEDED my expectations. My hat is off to you. Keep up the good work for everyone concerned. Best regards, Tim Weber
    Yes, one other reason that I always remembered you is that we share the same first name!

  5. Stephen Woods

    Hello. My name is Steve Woods. I am from and live in Washington, PA. With all that has been going on, especially last week, it is time to have an awareness rally in my city. It is scheduled for July 23. I don’t know you but I am asking you to come and speak to my city. We’d be honored to have your vocal presence at our ‘Preservation of life, Black lives matter too’ peaceful protest. Again it is Saturday July 23. Assembly at 10, March at 11, reassemble at our courthouse steps for speeches starting at 12 pm. My phone number is 7245310372. Email slw_blessed@yahoo.com Thank you.

  6. Isaackgilbert

    Tim I need your help please give me a call

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