1. Garry Benford

    I remember competing in powerlifting competitions there while in college in the 70’s organized by Leo Nobile. The meet was called the West Penn Open and lifters came from all over to compete with the inmates. The inmates were all respectful and cordial with us wanting to talk about training and how to improve their lifts.
    I can also vividly remember the sounds of the steel bars closing on the doors entering the prison as we checked in for the day. It certainly made me appreciate my freedom.

  2. Mike Knezovich

    The Sam Abbotts Softball team from Brighton Road played a three game series vs. the inmates in the early 80’s. Even though the players were cordial, it was a very intimidating experience. “F’ing freeboys” was yelled at us as we entered the yard. We were called names as we played. But it was a very valuable experience for all of us young men: do not do anything that will even remotely give you the chance to end-up in there! Thank you for this great article!

  3. Jim Dandy

    “the people society hides from view, sometimes until their final days.”

    Hey LIBERALS. These people who you seek to glorify are CRIMINALS. Morons.

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