AM radio quiz

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Do you know the voices of radio's past? Test your skill by matching the names of radio personalities to five audio selections.

Question 1 (of 5): Who is this?


Rush Limbaugh broadcasting as "Jeff Christie"
Jim Quinn broadcasting as "Jeff Christie"
Jeff Christie broadcasting as "Jim Quinn"
Howard Stern broadcasting as "Jeff Christie"

Syndicated talk host Rush Limbaugh spent some of his early career years working as a Top 40 DJ under the pseudonym "Jeff Christie." During the 1970s, he worked in Pittsburgh at the former WIXZ-AM and KQV-AM. Audio courtesy Jeff Roteman's KQV website.

Question 2 (of 5): Who is this?


Robert Weston Smith, a.k.a. "Wolfman Jack"
Porky Chedwick
Casey Kasem
Albert "Alan" Freed, a.k.a. "Moondog"

Porky Chedwick was a trailblazer in broadcasting and played a major role in desegregating popular music by playing so-called "race records" for a wider audience. His on-air patter earned him the nickname of "Platter Pushin' Poppa" and "Daddio of the Raddio." He worked at WAMO-AM/FM for most of his radio career, which started in 1948. Audio courtesy

Question 3 (of 5): Who voiced the character called Omicron?


Rege Cordic
Louie Adamchevits
Marilyn Cordic
Roquefort Q. LaFarge

The late Rege Cordic hosted the KDKA-AM morning show "Cordic & Company" from 1954 to 1965. The top-rated show featured comedy sketches voiced by Mr. Cordic and others and featured regular characters like Louie the Garbage Man and Omicron the space alien. Audio courtesy

Question 4 (of 5): Who is this?


Terry Lee
Clark Race
Jim Quinn
"Mad" Mike Metrovich

The late "Mad" Mike Metrovich hosted a popular show on the former WZUM-AM in Carnegie during the 1960s. He played a wild mix of doo-wop, garage rock, pre-punk and R&B, and hosted popular dances at area clubs. Audio courtesy Mad Mike /WZUM aircheck.

Question 5 (of 5): Who is this?


Terry Lee
Bobby Vinton
Jim Quinn
Sterling Yates

Jim Quinn hosts the syndicated "Quinn & Rose" morning talk show on WPGB-FM, which is also carried on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. During the '60s, he hosted a popular nightly show on Top 40 KQV-AM, and went on to do stints at the former WKTQ-AM and WBZZ-FM. Audio courtesy Jeff Roteman's KQV website.

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