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Jobs, health costs, the price of food, the performance of big companies and small ones — the money that flows through Pittsburghers’ lives and helps us understand where the opportunities are, when the trouble is coming. That’s the focus of the Business of Pittsburgh coverage tracking the pulse of the Pittsburgh economy, with a monthly installment of stories, data and voices of people with interesting insights.
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The Retirement Party

Share your tales from life after work

Maybe you’ve finally punched your last time card and are ready to settle into the golden years. Or maybe people keep asking you when you are going to retire. We want to hear what life is like for those of you who have been able to move into the post-career world, and why others of you are still showing up for a paycheck long after you officially became eligible for Medicare.

What does your own personal retirement party look like? Are you shopping differently? Do you see the financial markets in a new way? Does your volunteer work seem more fulfilling than your career? Or are you still working to stave off boredom — or pay some bills?

Share your stories with us at 412-256-8433. Leave your name, where you’re from and what your retirement experience has been like. We will take the recordings and post them on the Post-Gazette website in a feature called The Retirement Party.