Louis Freeh's team analyzed more than 3.5 million emails, notes and other documents

over the course of its investigation into the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal. In his report, Freeh selected a handful of documents illustrating how Penn State officials handled the Sandusky case. Below are a sampling of those documents. (Click in the upper-right corner of the document for a full-screen view. Best viewed in recent Mozilla, Chrome and Internet Explorer releases; Click the download link below the caption if a document doesn't load.)
Interactive by: Andrew McGill/Post-Gazette

Gary Schultz's first notes on Sandusky

Penn State Senior Vice President for Finance and Business Gary Schultz's notes from an initial briefing on former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky's contact with a boy in university showers in 1998. (Download document)

A legal conference

This timesheet submitted to Penn State by university counsel Wendell Courtney lists a nearly three-hour conference with Schultz regarding 'suspected child abuse.' The meeting came one day after then-graduate assistant Michael McQueary told Paterno he had seen Sandusky in a university shower with a young boy. (Download document)

Former counsel tips off Schultz

Former university counsel Wendell Courtney lets Schultz know he's been questioned by university counsel Cynthia Baldwin about the 2001 incident reported by Mike McQueary. Schultz thanks him for the heads up.(Download document)
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