Two Shots

The PG catches up with people first photographed by Charles 'Teenie' Harris, also known as 'One Shot'

About Teenie

African-American photographer Charles "Teenie" Harris, who was born in 1908 and died in 1998, left a legacy for admirers of photography, students of photojournalism and historians.

A Homewood native, he covered news events for the Pittsburgh Courier, a black newspaper that had a national reach at the time, from 1936 until his retirement in 1975, and earned the nickname "One Shot" from Pittsburgh Mayor David Lawrence because of his knack of capturing the image he wanted the first time he took it.

But his contribution goes beyond newsmakers because Mr. Harris also documented the Hill District, a black neighborhood of Pittsburgh that was in its prime a bustling business and residential district.

This Piece

Carnegie Museum of Art, which acquired almost 80,000 of Mr. Harris' negatives in 2001, opens a retrospective of his work next weekend, "Teenie Harris, Photographer: An American Story," which will include both photojournalistic and studio images.

The 1,000 exhibited images will range from the famous, such as entertainer Lena Horne and baseball star Jackie Robinson, to children playing in front of their houses.

In partnership with the museum, photographers from the Post-Gazette interviewed and photographed Teenie's subjects decades after he photographed them and recorded their memories of the famous photographer.



Photography and videography by Rebecca Droke and Bill Wade

Design by Chris Kirk

Charles "Teenie" Harris photography courtesy of Carnegie Museum of Art

His Subjects

Post-Gazette photographers Rebecca Droke and Bill Wade recently interviewed some of the subjects of Teenie's photos, who share their remembrances.

Charlene Foggie Barnett

The Pastor's Daughter

Regis Bobonis

The Journalist

Sala Udin

The Organizer

Chuck Austin

The Jazz Musician

George Barbour

The Reporter

George Charlton

The Soldier

Lillian Allen

The Beautician

Thaddeus Mosley

The Sculptor

Tim Stevens

The Activist

Gene and Marva Harris

The Wedding Couple

Alma Speed Fox

The Advocate