Pittsburgh Marathon Training

With the next Pittsburgh Marathon approaching, certified running coach Tim Lyman and certified personal trainer Laura Flaus show you the best ways to stretch and prepare for long runs. Take a look at the videos below on how to stretch and workout individual body parts. Using our body diagram, learn different stretches and warmups for before and after a run.

The exercise videos were developed as part of a complete Marathon Ready program by the fitness experts at the Wellness N'at blog teaming up with the PG's Gretchen McKay to provide you the answers on run training, nutrition, flexibility and strength to prepare for the Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon/UPMC Health Plan Half-Marathon.

Check more in-depth reports on fitness, running, cycling and nutrition at the Wellness N'at blog and follow updated marathon news and features coverage at post-gazette.com/sports/pittsburgh-marathon.

Marathon Training Workouts

Tim and Laura introduce the concept of a dynamic workout, starting from the top and working your way down your body to prepare for a run.

Neck Stretch Neck Roll Leg Swings Calf Stretch

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