Arts + Entertainment

Big screens

When it comes to movies, go big or go home. Nothing compares with the experience of watching "Jurassic World" or "The Martian" on a screen the size of a stadium scoreboard. Some of our favorite theaters have just one screen; one has 22.

Hollywood east

We could fill this magazine with stories about where movies were shot in Western Pennsylvania. Here are some other local sets.

Hidden gems

Everyone has favorite museum objects they like to visit -- and revisit. But to what items would Pittsburgh museum curators steer visitors in their collections? Here they share their best-kept secrets and hidden gems -- the cool stuff they’d take their out-of-town friends to see.

Art works

From venerable museums to public spaces, Pittsburgh has an abundance of art surpassing that of most cities its size. Works that I like to take visitors to see run the gamut from traditional to contemporary, indoors to outside.

Celebrity sites

It was good enough for Brad Pitt's 43rd birthday and drew another famous couple who couldn't even tour the inside. Fallingwater, the house Frank Lloyd Wright designed, is usually name-checked in interviews with celebrities spending a little or lots of time in Pittsburgh. Other favorites: Dave & Buster's at the Waterfront for the cast of "She's Out of My League;" The Milk Shake Factory on the South Side for Nina Dobrev during "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" and Tom Cruise's family during "Jack Reacher;" and Dish Osteria on the South Side, where Alec Baldwin broke bread with Dr. Cyril Wecht while filming "Concussion."

Geek city

To borrow a definition provided by actor, writer and inveterate geek Simon Pegg, "Being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and not being afraid to demonstrate that affection." In that respect, Pittsburgh should be crowned the world's No. 1 Geek City. We embrace our geekdom and wear it as boldly as a Bat Signal on the skyline.

‘Burgh books

Despite its relatively small size among big cities, Pittsburgh is awash in literary complexity. Blessed with a vibrant literary scene, Pittsburgh has produced more than its share of authors with national reputations. From Lori Jakiela and Sam Hazo to Stewart O'Nan and Kathleen George, the region has first-rate writers to spare. So it isn't surprising that those nurtured or inspired by this scene have produced books about dramatically different aspects of life in the 'Burgh. The following are just a fraction of the books that tell Pittsburgh's story from different directions