Pirates Classical Walk-up

Walk-up music — the quick burst of a tune that accompanies a baseball player as he strolls to the plate for an at-bat — has become a classic part of America’s national pastime.

The entrance song represents myriad genres, including rock, rap, pop, Latin and oldies. But classical music is left in the dust of the on-deck circle.

It's time for that to change — because what's more classic than baseball?

As the Post-Gazette’s classical music critic and an avid sports fan outside the concert hall, I have reimagined the Pittsburgh Pirates’ walk-up songs, choosing classical replacements for 10 titles posted on the Pirates’ website as of Aug. 5.

Check out what your favorite players look like when accompanied by the likes of Bach instead of Beck, and what they had to say about our selections.

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Reporting: Elizabeth Bloom
Editing: Lillian Thomas
Design/Development: Zack Tanner