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  1. Ken Kobus

    This is not a photo of an unknown Carnegie Steel Company plant, but is in fact a photo of the Pittsburgh Works of J&L looking northward toward the Monongahela River, better known now as the South Side Works. The bridge at the far upper right is the “Hot Metal Bridge” as we call it now, which is really two bridges, the Hot Metal and the Monongahela Connecting RR Bridges. The tall square building in the middle left quarter of the photo is the Pittsburgh Mercantile Company subsidiary J&L (at present the former Goodwill Co.) at 26th and Carson Sts. The third street to the right has St. Peters Church. The homes on the hill along the bottom are part of the South Side Slopes. The building with a line of stacks along the river is J&L’s #2 open hearth shop. Oakland (2nd Avenue) is across the river. Let me know if you need any further convincing.
    Ken Kobus

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