1. Gene Reis

    Gus Brickner was hardcore, he was one of my fathers cronies he was telling me stories of his swimming adventures as a kid I was in disbelief I thought there was noway a man could stand the temperatures in icy cold waters this man swam in until I saw pictures it was documented and he was from Charleroi Pa

  2. Matthew E Newman

    Hello there,
    I would like to add, that Gus was the man who taught me how to dive and swim in the 70’s, He was a swim instructor at Pine Cove Swim Club in Fallawfield, PA. Pine Cove Swim Club also went by other names such as Red’s Beach.

    Gus was someone I looked up to, and someone who helped to bring a good name to our area. Gus was not just a great athlete and swimmer, he was an inspiration to all of us and he was a fantastic teacher and mentor. He is one of those very few people who made a lasting impression on me that I still remember him today about 45 years later.

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