1. Raymond Bohn

    My mom used to teach roller skating at the diamond market in 50’s we walked thru market Square over the holidays it brought back memories for her

  2. Cecilia (Bunny) Gur-Sposato

    I skated there in the late 1940’s, was in their skating shows. During the time Bobby Tezak’s uncle was manager. Not sure of the spelling of his last name.

  3. jerre fedor

    I like your article and it helps bringing memories back that were part of my early experiences. I was born and raised in the berg. 1935 and lived in Dormont. When I was 10 after school I would take the street car to downtown and sell papers in the Oliver building after work A couple of times the elevator operators took me to the the Diamond Market and go roller skateing.
    Then take me home. Being 84 we had a conversation that I mrntioned the Diamond Market and it had the street going thru it
    and I skated on a upper floor. Pics helped
    Retired to Fairhope AL 16 years ago.

  4. Michele B. Wyatt

    I was raised in Pittsburgh, fondly referred to as the ‘Burgh. In the 1950s we spoke of the building as the New Diamond Market. I remember going skating there and it always smelled like a butcher shop.
    I relocated to Columbus OH, 20 years ago and haven’t thought about that place in years. Thanks for the memories.

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