1. Linda

    I’ve been a fan of Terry since I was a little girl. I would get so mad at the grown ups around me at Three Rivers when they booed him. he took risks. More often than not, as our four SB wins in the 70’s reflect, the gambles paid off.

    But what was really fun for me about this piece was to see the writing of my sports writer grandfather, Jack Sell, quoted throughout this story. How cool. Makes me want to go back in the archives and do some digging.

  2. Dianne

    Terry as well as the others during that era were special. Not that the Steelers aren’t the best team out there now. Something about the city of Pittsburgh and their teams the fans of them are devoted. You called Bradshaw stupid. He beat you didn’t he? Now who’s stupid. We may not always agree with what Terry says , but he’s still that #12 who orchestrated his abilities to wear 4 rings. How’s that

  3. Gene Boron

    Remember watching Brad his whole career, football and the Sunday pre-game shows.

    He could really throw a football, saw many bullets from him early on…. then he learned to cut back on the throws and become a great long-ball passer. As his career progressed he was really fun to watch- the last two Super Bowls was his greatest performances, against the Cowboys & Rams; his passing was a big contributor to winning those games.

    Big Ben is my favorite now, love watching him, but the game, of course has changed so much. But Terry Bradshaw, I believe, was the best big-game QB to ever play the game. Remember, he took the Steelers to 4 Super Bowls… and won all 4…. no other QB can say that!

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