1. Ken Villella

    Brings back a lot of memories, went there a lot when it was a mall. The main entrance had a restaurant w/ a piano player, a glass elevator that took you to the basement where some stores where. The 3rd floor was a cool bookstore which more or less was a huge balcony. Then there was also a place called Gesundheit, with the best frozen yogurt, yogurt fudge sundaes, etc. Miss going there.

  2. James Nilsen

    I worked at the Cafe,. Cafe Cappuccino when David Ayn was the principal owner,.. a long with the under ground restaurant called the Board Room,.. on the 4th floor of the Mall few knew about. Yes a Baby Grand Piano with different players most evenings,. Their 32oz. Brandy Snifter hoping for a good crowd,.. usually after an event at Heinz Hall.

  3. Mari Moore

    What was the name of the sandwich restaurant there?

    • Mariah

      I think it was the Brown Bag … You bought your sandwich and they gave it to you in a brown paper lunch bag … 8-)

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