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  1. Tom Manion

    Pop was an IE for U S Steel and worked mostly on the 16th floor until they started sending him out of state for different assignments, mostly to Gary Works. I remember the grand opening of the Building – wish I still had the nicely appointed booklet they handed out to visitors. There was also an ad for the new U S Steel tower in the playbook for the ’71 World Series that the Pirates won – remember the ad saying “1971 – a big year for buildings and baseball”, complete with an illustration of the tower. Am thinking seriously of getting the playbook on E-bay for $60 for that ad specifically, even though another ad featuring the cylindrical “Three Rivers” Gulf gas station near the then new Three Rivers Stadium brings back memories as well. Also remember having dinner at Stouffer’s “Top of the Triangle” restaurant which I think was on the 62nd floor. When still in high school, Pop had me drive in the underground garage that required winding down a spiraling entrance that seemed to descend at least 60 feet. Fortunately, I scraped the bumper against the side once only. Even though they put in the fountain at a later date., it was still quite a place then.

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