1. Paul Bailey

    Thanks so much, I was born in ALLEGHENY General hospital, an lived all ove the world as an AF BRAT. An Wamo an the Post Gazette always says home to me.

  2. Ruth Ann Courtney

    He was a legend when I was in school in Pgh. in 60’s . Especially the younger more progressive fans. Very original and fun to re-visit. Danny Pruz and Dale Kubriak are you out there?

  3. Kitty Everard

    Came running home from school everyday to turn on the Porky show. Never missed a Porky dance in the late 50’s and 60’s. He played in Carnegie and Cabana Beach. Even when it rained and flooded the pavilion at Cabana Beach, we danced in the water and Porky played on. Those were the good old days that I look back on and smile. He was THE DADDIO OF THE RADDIO. No one will ever compare.

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