In this undated picture, work on the Ft. Pitt Bridge can be seen at right. (Pittsburgh Press)

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  1. 3/23/2016

    The date of this picture is early June-1959 or several years before. An outbound TrolleyCar is visible above the first pier taking passengers to West End destinations. These West End Trolley routes were bussed mid-June-1959. “Apparently” the new Fort Pitt bridge was open and in use prior To end of TrolleyCar service in West End as the old Point Bridge was closed to all traffic except Trolleys. Here we see both autos and Trolleys on the bridge. The Pennsylvania Trolley Museum (PTM, just north of Washington, PA, built on part of the former PRCo Washington Interurban Trolley route) may have more detailed information suggesting a more accurate date.

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