1. sean

    I have a one of a kind picture of preety boy Floyd.it is authentic.it is from the files of the FBI.and it is for sale still in its original frame.

  2. Mitch mcstotts

    Im from Adairsville Georgia and Charles childhood home is in my neighborhood. Its a nice smaller home but for some reason its stayed empty for the last 20 years. I wish the owner trying to sale it hadn’t put vinyl siding on it . It takes away from the charm of the little house.

  3. Melissa

    I’m actually related to Pretty Boy Floyd he was a hero to many in the depression saving their homes if only history depicted the man he truly was.

    • Krista Gustamantez

      How are you related? I was told by my great uncle Pretty Boy was his great uncle

  4. Mike Cullers

    My Grandfather who at the time of the of Floyd’s funeral lived in Westville ,Oklahoma. He and my Father a boy of 7 made the trip from Westville to Akins, on Oklahoma Hwy 59 to attend the funeral.While there at some time before, during, or after the service my Grandfather picked up a flat stone roughly 3″X 3″ from the grave- site and carved the date of the funeral and Akins, Ok. on the stone. As far back as I can remember that stone was in his roll top desk. I am writing this on that roll top desk looking at that stone in a glass case advertising JP Priwley’s California Fruit and Pepsin Chewing Gum which came from his Father’s store in Rocky Comfort,Mo.I am 66 years old.That stone has been around a long time.

  5. Edward

    I am also related to Pretty Boy Floyd. He is my second cousin as he was my dads first cousin. They were all from the north Florida/South Georgia area. He actually was very much like Robin Hood as he did help many poor, needy people pay their mortgages and/or buy groceries and clothes.

  6. Patricia Kirk

    This young man is my 7th cousin, 4 times removed. My aunt always said we have a lot of in-laws and just as many outlaws. Since working on my family tree I found Pretty boy and Butch Cassidy as family. Now all the stories I heard growing up make sense. LOL.

  7. Robert Huge

    Okay, I get it…there is some good in all of us, but Floyd was a cold blooded killer. The depression turned many a man bad and 1934 seemed to be the end for the worst of them: Dillinger, Nelson, Floyd, Bonnie and Clyde…they died as they lived. Sadly, they took a lot of innocent people with them. The media made them all out to be Robin Hoods but mostly, they were just hoods. They all lived fast and died young, most didn’t even make it to their thirties. And yet, we speak of the still. Maybe that’s all they ever wanted from life.

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