1. Carole Stamm

    I was born in Baldwin Boro in 1947. I remember watching Roberto Clemente play in the old Forbes Field sitting in the bleachers. Great memories!

  2. Tom Corbett

    Forbes Field provided many wonderful memories to the people of Western Pennsylvania. As a young boy in the late 50s and into the 60s my father would often take me to games. As Dad was buying I don’t remember the costs, but it was a great day to spend a Saturday afternoon with your father, especially if they were playing a double header. I can still see Clemente throwing out runners, Maz and Groat turning a double play, the Tiger tagging out a runner at third, Burgess blocking the plate, Skinner in left and the Quail in center. What kid did not like seeing our pitching then also, Law, Friend, Haddix and of course ElRoy Face coming in to close out the game.
    Sitting on the first base side the smell of real grass, looking at the ivy on the walls, the batting cage in center and of course Schenley Park with the last rays of sunset during a night game are also images of my childhood i will never forget. Forbes Field was a play ground for many generations. And now today, with PNC park, i have a chance to take my grandchildren to the best baseball park in America.

  3. Donald J Ambrass

    I grew up in Emsworth, took a $.25 Street Car ride into tow, a 5 cent transfer to Oakland and $1.00 bleacher seat…. So many great memories…

  4. Donna Ondick

    My dad worked the manual score board,and took me and my brother there to watch the game through the open slats. We loved to see the ticker tape running through the smallll machine. Those were great days for me!

  5. Libbie soffos

    Always sat in right field to be close to Clemente ❤️

  6. Rusty

    If you wore a scout uniform you were admitted to sit in the bleachers for free in the 7th inning. We would get in and hope for extra innings.

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