1. tom stypula

    My sister is celebrating her 50th wedding anniversay in oct. and she and her husband
    met at West View Park Danceland and I am trying to obtain a picture of the danceland
    that I can blow up and put on display at her party in Oct. Do you know where I can
    get a picture of the Danceland. Even if there is a pictue of it you have posted I can
    take a picture of it then have it developed. Hope to hear from you. THanks.
    It would be a great surprise for her.

  2. a.t. schmalzried

    ….a day @ west view park was rivaled only by Christmas day in my childhood; ..from the school picnic in June to Thorofare days in august, little matched the thrill of this classic american amusement park!………….fondly and respectfully remembered!…….

  3. william mulligan

    I remember a high wire collapse in West View Park in late 50s or early 60s. one of my classmates sisters was crippled and a mother was killed, any info on that??

  4. Edward S. Toperzer

    Loved going to Danceland during the 40’s and 50’s. Met a lot of nice ladies there. A really classy place to go. Competed with The Royal Ballroom and Kennywood Park.

  5. John

    My grandmother lived very close to the park and I spent many a summer in West View ,had a lot of great times there are a lot of great memories I lived in West View across Perry Highway whenever they started to tear down the park -that broke my heart

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