1. al hecht

    Woodville,Mayview and Dixmont all closed now were a very important places in years gone by to keep people safe and society intact from possible problems like the most recent florida shooting. liberal orginazitions like the ACLU helped along with government in closing these places. as we can now see, in these times we need these hospitals. to correct these problems before they start,
    only torrence now remains to take these people after it is too late

  2. Jeff

    I was in Woodville in the mid-1970s when I was 13 and 14 years old. I am writing a book about my life and how I have overcome a number of mental health challenges and epilepsy to get a masters degree in social work and live a normal life

    • Terri

      Good for you Jeff; I am sure you have a very interesting story to tell. I look forward to your book.

    • Karen

      My mother worked there in the 70’s in the staff development program- Pauline McCombs. Sometimes she would take me to work with her in the summer when we were out of school. I think this was her favorite place she worked as a psychiatric nurse instructor.

  3. Moneena Linebarger

    My mother was in and out of Woodville during my childhood. She was not crazy but she had brain tumors and epilepsy. Had they not treated her as a mental patient and saw that she had medical problems, I may have had my mother at home with us. I blame her family for not intervening but just writing her off as crazy…not all of them, but the ones who benefited. Book to come.

  4. amg

    Both my father and husband worked at Woodville and after the closing were both transferred to Mayview. Shortly after my dad took early retirement and my husband took a job in a medical hospital bc the Mayview staff wouldn’t get along w the Woodville employees. They both worked with geriatric patients and worried about what would happen to them and hoped they wouldn’t be lost through the cracks. They both look back on those times as the best of their careers.

  5. Laurene Barna

    Hello! My great Aunt was a patient at Woodville in the 30s and 40s and possibly longer. and to the best of our knowledge she was not placed there for having mental problems. Is there anyone we can get in touch with to be able to find out more information about her. We are hoping to possibly find some extended family. Thanks for your help to whoever reads this.

  6. Irene Fugh

    A relative of my late husband was housed at Woodville and I have a note
    stating that he was buried in the cemetery on June 17, 1897.
    Are there any records back that far?

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