1. Steven W. Johns

    When I was About 12 years old I remember watching a UFO with my Brother hank. It was a triangle shaped one with three lights 3/4ths the way to the points and one in the middle. I also saw what looked like fire works way way up in the sky so the were really tiny to the eye (foo fighters?) This was over Perryopolis, PA in what I believe to be in the summer between 1985-1987. I remember later the next night there were call ins about it and would love to know when this happened and what other people saw. day/time

  2. Allison

    I just read this… In 1980 or ’81, in New Castle, PA (I was 10) my mother and I saw a single bright light go into a “V” formation with 5 or 6 lights, then sped off lightning fast. We were outside at night with our dog, this happened what seemed to be right above us. She said “lets goo inside and draw what we just saw!”. I guess so she knew she wasn’t crazy! LOL We both drew the exact same thing.

  3. Terry Ostruh

    Did anyone see the UFO over Irwin/Greensburg area in June or July of 1982 around 7PM? It was very large and made no sound. I watched it for about 20 minutes over my apartment building before it started to move very slowly towards Greensburg.

  4. Richard E Rogovin

    In New Castle, P.A. in 1968 I witnessed three types of UFOs. The most interesting sighting was three of them, classic flying saucer shapes over the woods moving in ways that no plane or helicopter could and with no sound. My friend was with me and will validate it. That same summer there was a very bright light just sitting in the sky and over a 20 minute span it shrunk down to a very small size and disappeared. The third type was many red dots over the horizon appearing at dusk and I hea d neighbors commenting about it.

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