1. Robert Michael McAvoy

    Steve, I grew up in Pittsburgh from 1941 to 1962 when I enlisted in the Air Force. These pictures hit the right spots in my memories and, I suspect, the memories of many like me who are now part of the Pittsburgh Diaspora!

  2. Diana McNees/Daniels

    I grew up in McKeesport but was born at Shady Side Hospital. Special trips to Pittsburgh during the holiday seasons were joyously anticipated. Especially Hornes’ Window at Christmas. I later went to an art school, Ivy School of Professional Art, that has been gone for years. But, my lunch hours were filled with exploring what seemed to me, every knock and cranny in the city. I watch the park being built at the juncture of the three rivers and sketched from the “Bridge to Nowhere” many times. I’m proud to be from Pittsburgh and although I have been living in Cleveland, Ohio, which I love, I still say “gum band” instead of “rubber band” and can drive better than any Ohioan who never had to navigate 90 degree hills or trolley tracks. I worked at the Plain Dealer for eleven years and am now morning it’s demise. Did you know Jim Fetters? I went to school with him and bought him his first legal drink when he turned 21.

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