1. Bob

    Need to open one in cranberry township. No good breakfast/ lunch places in this growing area

  2. You should have gone back a little farther and mentioned the diner started as Papa Joes in Shadyside and Squirrel Hill. One of the original greasy spoons and lunch stop.

  3. Michael

    Agreed. Papa Joe was actually Pamela’s uncle and he left her the reigns… The pancakes were unchanged from the original Papa Joe’s recipe. So there .. ;)

    • Jodi

      Historical correction from the Pam Fam: Pamela’s was Papa Joes, but it was established by Pamela’s father and managed by her cousin. Pam’s grandfather was Papa Joe. Shortly after graduating college, Pam & Gail “bought” him out and they “created” the crepe pancakes and changed/altered the menu. Interesting tidbit is Pamela’s father did NOT like the crepe-like cakes. My dad and cousin could NOT cook. Pam, Gail, and my other sisters (Jennifer at P&G In Millvale; Rise & Maria at Nu in Sq Hill: Luisa at LeFeria in Shadyside) are fantastic cooks and becoming a “tourist trap” just happened after years of hard work and local recognition.

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