1. John Carilli

    You may be interested in knowing that the Zubik tradition on the river carries on to this day… One of Charlies descendents is actively in the river business still and would make a great story line to tie into this one… Look up River Salvage Company.. Jim Zubik!

  2. bruce donaldson

    That towboat, the zubik towing, went on to be the MV sailor for pushaks towing. I worked on her as a deckhand.it worked the Ohio, Mon, Allegheny, green, kanawha, and Mississippi. And maybe something else I missed.

  3. Harry Zubik

    As the oldest grandson of Charles Zubik I remember vividly many events of my grandfather’s business. Some good some bad. You must remember he came to this country at a very young age and every thing he acquired he bought no one ever gave Charlie Zubik at thing. As a grandfather he was great to all his grand children, but his greatest flaw was his inability to keep the business vibrant and his children working together. His problems with the city of Pittsburgh arose out of the fact that he purchased the property where PNC Park is now and the City used eminent domain to remove him. That did not sit well with him and no matter what his landing would have looked like the City wanted him out. It could have looked like a country club and it still would not pass Mayor Barr’s and Fed Judge Rosenberg muster at the time. If anyone would care to contact me email at zircon70@yahoo.com, Thankyou Harry

  4. Tim Hayes

    Was this Bishop David Zubik’s father or grandfather?

  5. Harry Zubik

    Bishop Zubik is not related to our family. He and I are a few months apart in age. I would know all relatives from early 1950’s to now. I believe Bishop Zubik grew up in Ambridge but don’t quote me on that, please ask the Bishop.

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