1. lawrence

    Wonderful story and photos. Priceless. Thank you and keep em coming :)

  2. stephanie kosko

    What a treasure trove, we love it, keep them available, maybe as a feature story on the internet. I’m a newbie, but found this, so I will keep looking. Also enjoy Marylynne’s work. Thanks

  3. Shirley Holtzman Schwartz (nee Fischman)

    Wonderful…and so much more….I attended the IKS while I lived in Terrace Village (subsidized housing) and attended and graduated Miller School. I took piano lessons from Ms Perlow. I took dancing lessons from Ms Belle. I learned to swim by being thrown into the pool. The IKS served my Mother, an immigrant, to adjust to this country….then my two older brothers (now deceased) took swimming and took part in athletics there. Among my many memories including the Roosevelt and New Granada Theatres, the Jewish Theatre, and shoemaker, baker, and kosher shops all up and down Center Avenue. Carnegie Library on Wylie Avenue ….et al. Many many memories of the Hill and especial good memories of the IKS.

  4. Adele (Lysko) Wilke

    My Uncle John Lysko (deceased) was boxing at the Irene Kaufman Center/Irene Kaufman Settlement around Dec. 12, 1946 per an old article in the Pittsburgh Press. The article says he was competing in a Boxing Tourney held by the Allegheny Mountain Assn. I am trying to find photographs of him from his boxing days to give to his daughter who has very few photographs of her Father. We are of the Pittsburgh-area Lysko descendants of Ukrainian/Jewish/Polish heritage. John Lysko was born in McKees Rocks PA & his parents spoke Ukrainian. I can be reached at: lannytops@gmail if anyone has leads how I can get photographs.

  5. Karen Nash Claycomb

    I learned to swim there (on my own) while my dad, Mel Nash, taught diving there Sunday afternoons in the mid50s. I loved that building. I remember it having an old, but beautiful interior. I thought it a great loss when that pool went away.

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