John H. Gruber


  1. Patricia Kentzel Gotsch

    I am the granddaughter of John H. Gruber. He died before I was born in 1939.
    My daughter Mary Beth Kelley has the plaque pictured on this website.
    I was in the home at 50 Fordham Ave. many times and myself and my children have furniture that was in my grandparents home.
    My mother was the youngest of his 10 children. Six lived to adulthood and I knew them.
    Agnes, Harry (John H. Gruber Jr. a lineotype operator for the Pittsburgh Post Gazzett),
    Rose, Bertha, Esther and Mercedes (my mother). The other four children died in childhood.
    I am happy to find out that my grandfather is being honored on this website.
    Thank you, Patricia Kentzel Gotsch

  2. Patricia Kentzel Gotsch

    I would love to hear from the writers of this article. Patricia K. Gotsch

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