1. Robert Miller

    Pittsburgh has always been my home. I had always wanted to see a Lovelace puppet production,but never did. I had wanted to become a puppetaire growing up. if only I could own a marionette would be happy. I am 56 now and due to a stroke live in a nursing home. please contact me via email.

    sincerely, Robert Miller

  2. Mark Schaffner

    Hi Margot
    I remember my brother David Schffner taking me to see one of your puppet shows. I was so enthralled. I was ready to go into show business but other forces were pushing me in other directions. Im grateful for your gift to me to Pittsburgh and the world You are truly singular, one of a kind, wondeful.

  3. Margo Lovelace Visser

    Dear Mark, what a surprise! Any Schaffner’s name is music to my ears! And first I must offer condolences for dear Bernice. I know she and David and Toby are all up there swapping haloes! It’s nice that someone still remembers our little theatre. We sure loved playing for all of you,my old age is filled with so many delicious memories of those happy days. Thanks for all the kind words! Love,Margo

  4. Alissa DeRose

    A fond childhood memory was seeing a Lovelace Marionette performance at the Three Rivers Arts Festival in the late sixties and early seventies. It was magical. I wish my own children had a chance to see them

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