1. Esther Pappert Marshall

    My friend Joyce and I took a bus from Reserve Twp. just to walk on the bridge and see all of the water. This happened before I left Pittsburgh to go to college in KY. If I am remembering right Three Rivers Stadium was flooded and so were stores downtown. I had never seen anything like it before.

  2. Bob Suchy

    There was an Alice Cooper Concert that night in 3 Rivers Stadium……obviously the Show never went on, but we got to hang out with Alice and the boys at the Golden Triangle Hilton that night

  3. Allen

    Was telling some folks today about Alice’s show being cancelled.

  4. Mary Altemus Little

    We left McKeesport towing a trailer, five adults and a ten year old, for a vacation in Cape Cod. Zig zagged all across the state running into major flooding. Took forever to get to ParsIpanny, New Jersey where we had planned to stop that night. Woke up the next morning to a beautiful sunny day and had a great time that week. However, when we started back, Central PA was still a mess, so we came back through New York State and it was still pretty wet there. We camped at a place outside of Syracuse and they had to use a tractor to get us into the place and back out the next day.

  5. Perry Martinelli

    The commencement for the Penn State class of Spring 1972 was scheduled to take place on June 24 1972. Asyou can guess we recieved our degrees by mail. What a reward for 4 years of work? I spent the day watching the Yough river fill my parents home in the town of Blythedale in Elizabeth Township.

  6. Bill Webb

    I lived on the North Side of Pittsburgh and I was 17 years old, the point was under water, water was over the banks of the Ohio River where the ferry crossing for Bruno Island, also we stood and watched everything and anything float down the river rather briskly.

  7. Charlene Deufel

    I was sweet 16 on June 23rd 1972. I had a pool party scheduled that my parents had planned for me at Holiday Inn South. We went anyway and jumped in the pool and then jumped right back out. I remember it was chilly and windy and raining in Erie Pennsylvania that day. We were spared the brunt of the storm but it was certainly a very memorable sweet 16! This past June 23rd, I turn 61 and it rained all day. :-)

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