Record crowd


  1. Bob Hampson

    Great Memories. I’ve got a Bob Prince Bobblehead. On the stand is “The Gunner” The gunner is in a loud plaid sport coat and holding a microphone. Three recordings of his voice. “Kiss it Goodbye -Chicken on the Hill.” “Clement’s 3000th hit.” “!7th inning HR ‘We had them all the way.'” Anyone interested –

  2. eddy lang

    Boy do I remember this season. I was ten at the time and listened to part of every game and, of course, read the stories and studied the box scores the following day in the Post-Gazette and Pittsburgh Press. I was heartbroken when they lost those three straight to the Giants, but knew the Bucs would do it the next year. Well, that next year was five years coming but it was a wild ride and I loved every minute of it. Born a Pirate fan, always a Pirate fan. Go Bucs!

  3. Herman R. Nagle

    You can see the construction of what I think is the Hillman Library not too far from Forbes Field in the one photo. When Forbes Field was torn down they left the left field brick wall still standing as a memorial for baseball fans. Recently we visited this area and were told that addiitional construction covered the area where the ballpark stood. Inside the lobby of the Hillman Library is the exact spot where home plate used to be at Forbes Field.

  4. Tim Garrow

    Actually the exact spot where home plate was is inside a ladies restroom in Posvar Hall. The home plate enclosed in glass in the lobby was placed there for obvious reasons.

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