1. 9/9/2015

    As it turns out I’m currently working with the proprietor for EILLAV MEHCEB NAE, LLC. They are interested in opening a restaurant at this location, that will feature live music and a festive menu. Good times are coming back to Dallas Ave in Homewood. Please send me an email I’d love to give you more information as a follow up to this story.

  2. G. Wayne Zwahlen

    What a blast from the past! I know that building well albeit from the days before it became “Eileen’s”. All through the 1960s, first as a kid then later as a teenager, I cleaned that bar every single Sunday after Mass, 52 weeks a year! In the 60s it was a blue collar “shot and a beer” bar (no live entertainment & minimal food) called “Campbell’s Bar and Grill” named after my grandparents Margaret and Warren “Bull” Campbell. My parents, George “Ziggy” Zwahlen and Estelle (Campbell) Zwahlen, actually owned the building, the business and the liquor license before selling it to Eileen and her husband (if memory serves me correctly I think their last name was Hunter) sometime during the 70s though I don’t remember exactly when. I drove by the building not long ago. It’s very sad to see the poor condition it’s fallen into since Eileen’s closed. I wish the current owner well.

  3. 9/10/2015

    The photos in the Zebra Room are of the Carl Arter Trio. That’s definitely Carl Arter on piano and Ron Tucker on drums. I’m not sure if that’s Mike Taylor on bass or not. That is definitely Roger Humphries at the drum kit wearing the shirt with the reddish stripes in the other photos.

  4. 9/23/2015

    The guitar player, with the glasses. That’s my great-uncle, Herbert Marshall.

  5. Kevin Amos

    Wow!!! What a great article. Brings back memories and let’s hope things get off the ground again for live Jazz on a regular basis in Homewood. If some of you remember Tony Campbell held it down at April’s On the Avenue( former 7101 sand Too Sweet) for a brief period and I had several Jazz Fan Appreciation events there. Whatever happens you can bet that I’ll be pushing it on the airwaves!!

  6. Leslee marshall (Marshall)

    The man playing rhe base guitar is my dad…..Herbert Marshall

  7. Hill Jordan

    I didn’t see his name mentioned but the Trumpet player is the late great Pete Henderson! Mentor & friend to at least three generations of Pittsburgh musicians…& a good friend. He was a true master of the trumpet & legacy of the late great Tommy Turrentine. I believe the pictures of the quintet are of The Pete Henderson Band.

  8. Dawn M Marshall

    Thatd my grandfather..playing the bass ….Herbert Marshall Sr…my father is Herbert Marshall Jr…

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