1. […] How did the Fort Pitt Bridge get its color? To prevent paint drops and paint chips from falling on those fancy cars of the 80s. Bridge painting is not exactly the first exciting thought that crosses a visitor's mind as he or she is crossing the … But painting the Fort Pitt Bridge built in the … Read more on Pittsburgh Post-Gazette […]

  2. Kathleen

    Thanks for this–so interesting! I’ll be tweeting it to my followers.

  3. Chris Snowden

    My sister won a contest to name the PPG color of the bridges in the 1960s. She won by the name Alomon Gold. Al-Allegheny O-Ohio and Mon-Monongahela. Why does no one have this on record? We are the descendants of the third May of Pittsburgh John Maugridge Snowden 1825-1828.

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