1. George Hubert

    Great piece, I enjoyed it very much. I live in Florida, but remember my granddad telling me about Mr. Rooney and how the north side used to be. Great rememeberance from the 50s and 60s. Thanx so much.

  2. Ginny

    I’ve Always Loved And Had Such GREAT RESPECT For This Man Who
    Just Thought Of Himself As A Common Person
    Who NeverEver Was Didn’t Listen To Anyone !
    And The Difference Between The Chief And The Others Who Were In The
    Lucky Position Of Being Around This Extremely Kind And Generous
    Person ?!?
    I Don’t Think They Could Imagine What Kind Of Person
    Who Was Always There For Everyone, And Did All That He Could For
    The People Who Had Never Had A Chance To Achieve The Goals They Had Set For
    Themselves . Through No Fault. Some People Don’t Have A
    Even Though They Work Very Hard, It’s Just Never Enough .
    And All Of These People Work At Maybe 2 Or 3 Jobs . But it’s Never Been Enough For Them To Live With Some Semblance Of Dignity .So Much More Than You Could Imagine. But The Chief Knew That It Was The Horrible Destiny
    How SAD
    The Chief Tried To Help Those Who Were In Need. And He Did It Without Destroying What Was There Given Right.
    And The Chief Was Aware That It You Take Away Their Self Esteem. You Ruin The Person.
    Thank You For Letting Me Express My Gratitude To A Man Who Just Got It

  3. anonymous

    The Digs is the best thing to ever happen to the PG. Thanks!

  4. Dan C.

    Great quotes and pictures!

    One minor point. There is one photo captioned as follows:

    Rooney watching a Steelers game on television, Dec. 23, 1972. (Harry Coughanour/Post-Gazette)

    On December 23, 1972, Franco made the Immaculate Reception on a Saturday afternoon against the Raiders. I remember because I was there and it was my birthday :-)

    Mr. Rooney was at Three Rivers that day and back in those days the home games were blacked out on TV – so unless he was watching the Cowboys-49ers game that day he was not watching any football on TV

    • Frank Miley

      Yea right, all of Pittsburgh was there at a non-sold out game to witness the Immaculate Reception, you probably witnessed Maz’s Home Run also.

      • Dan C.

        Dear Mr. Milley

        I was there with my late father in upstairs end zone seats (in the end zone away from the river rather than backing up on the river) with Franco running towards us. It was my 18th birthday.

        Thanks for the gratuitous slam at me on a subject (my attendance at the game) about which you obviously have no knowledge but for whatever reason wanted to make a snarky comment – hope it gave you pleasure

        P.S. – with regard to the game not being sold out, the Steelers streak of selling out tickets for home games started in November 1972


        Guess you got that wrong as well

  5. Mike Silverstein

    No Pittsburgher was ever better known or more beloved than the Chief.

    He most certainly was at the Immaculate Reception game, and I can personally attest to that fact. But I also remember occasions – at other games – where he said to me that he would be leaving soon to walk home and see the second game of the NFL doubleheader. Not sure if he actually left before the Steelers finished mopping up some hapless opponent, but there were times when he’d be at Three Rivers for the Steeler game and back on North Lincoln Avenue for the 4pm game.

    Rest in Peace, Mr. Rooney.

  6. Fred shearer

    Yes we had season tickets at three Rivers and I was there for the immaculate reception although we were seated in such a way that I never did see Franco scoop up the ball and run it in. It was a mad house and I didn’t know what happened for 10 minutes.
    My second biggest thrill. I was roading an earthmover down RT 19 For Mashuda construction co with an ole fashion transistor radio to my ear when Mazeroski hit the home run. Needless to say cars on rt 19 was lucky I didn’t run over them as I was over joyed and couldn’t share it with anyone. By the way I am 80 yrs young now. FRED

  7. jim kalos

    My grandparents lived in the same neighborhood as Art Rooney on Corry st. They often commented on what a geuine man he was.He treated everyone as a friend. He attended all of relatives funerals.He never missed one.I only wish I could have met him.

  8. Stephen Hugo

    My dad grew up as a neighbor of the Rooney family on the North Side and played on their first team which they called The Pirates. He quit playing after he got injured in a game but stayed friends with the Rooney family. My dad passed away a few years ago and I flew back to Pittsburgh (I moved to Arizona in 2005) for the funeral. Shortly after I arrived, the funeral director called me into his office and said I have a phone call-it was Dan Rooney-and he told me he just found out about my dad’s death but since we were burying him the next morning, he couldn’t make it-he was in Florida. We had an amazing conversation! Sadly, he passed 2 years after my dad…but at least they still see each other in Heaven!!!

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