1. JIm

    it’s a CHRISTMAS TREE! God, what happened to this country?

  2. A.T. Schmalzried

    ….shopping the poised, dignified and stately street floor of Joseph Horne Company was an elevating experience; from marble floors to gold leafed ceilings and crystal chandeliers the experience was the epitome of sophistication and retail grandeur!!!! — especially during the Christmas season when the Penn Avenue tree met you as you entered!!!

  3. Barbara Davis

    Thanks for bringing back the memories. We used to go downtown every year to see the tree and the windows. I’ve lived in Kansas over 40 years now, but Horne’s is still the model for a real Christmas.

  4. 3/11/2017

    One of the things I look forward every Christmas time are the lighting and decorations. I love walking in the city and take photographs of the buildings, christmas trees, lanterns and random strangers. I am mesmerize by the dancing lights and its colors. The snow flakes also adds to the effect of the pictures. Once my website is finished, I would love to share my photographs online.

  5. Leonore Metzger

    My recollections of downtown Pittsburgh, when I was a child, are the beautifully decorated windows of all the department stores. My mother would take my sister and I downtown every year at Christmas time. I moved to Arizona in 1954. I miss the wonderful times we went downtown and the beautiful city and state of PA.

  6. James McDermott

    The Joseph Horne Company was my first employer after graduation from Pitt in 1957. I was on the Jet Squad and did well. It was not the biggest store in a city loaded with department stores, but it certainly was the best. On the advice of a wise benefactor I left retailing as the day of buyers commanding huge salaries was about to come an end.

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