1. A fan

    Looks like the current Steelers season.

  2. Carrielea Riley

    I will never forget the stadium its was a part of my college days at the A.I.P. in 1999 .I was new to Pittsburgh, but I had heard of three rivers stadium since I was a small child “home of the steelers”…

  3. George Hubert

    I remember the day when the Staduim Authority came to see my granddad and said we need your property at 751 Reedsdale St. To build Three a Rivers Stadium. He sold them the property which housed our trucking company(Y.E.L.P. Service, Inc.) from there he moved the firm to the corner of 27th and Smallman on the Strip District. Those were good days, and I hold those days in a special time in my life.

  4. I have a different take on demolition. As an architect and planner, I see implosions as acts of failure: Failure to plan and design well, and failure to adapt and reuse. Yes, even Three RIvers Stadium! Lastly, implosions as great civic theater but they communicate the idea that everything is disposable. Its easier to blow something up instead of adapting it or in the case of the Greenfield Bridge (MAINTAIN IT). Whether its the lack of funding or attention to keep an inexpensive roof on the Garden Theater Block, the Brashear telescope factory, or your even your own house, we throw things away prematurely. Somethings can be maintained indefintelyand sav e millions of tons of carbon and fossil fuels. If a LEED certified building replaces and older structure more often than not the pay back is decades. A good read: “How Buildings Learn” by Stuart Brand or Howard Mansfield’sThe Same Ax, Twice: Restoration and Renewal in a Throwaway Age”

  5. Chris Schmidt

    I was on Mt Washington that frigid morning (the article says it was 21? maybe by 8, but at 5am, it was single digits!). I think we got to our place around 5-5:30ish. Hundreds of people around us. Had to see the ballpark where I spent so many days watching the Pirates and Steelers play, take it’s final stand. Drove real slow on the off ramp of the Ft. Duquesne bridge later that afternoon (much to the dismay of the police who were trying to keep everybody moving). Still have my video.

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