1. fred vennie

    enjoyed the photos of the golden triangle, the North Side shows the old Kaufmann’s and Jos Hornes Warehouses also, Shore Ave that runs into Gen. Robinson St.

  2. charles

    You really wonder why men aren’t marrying?
    Just had to say. For the last ten years I have held the attributes of those who have forsaken relationships with the vile, nagging, gynocentric, raging harpy that has become the western woman. And I am equally elusive of the gold diggers outside of the west. I have never concealed my intense dislike for this devolved creature, the “woman” and my willingness and want for nothing more than for her to be gone by sunrise. Especially since I have gained currency by disregarding her over the years to the point where I have accumulated real wealth. I am sure there are exceptions to the rule in the less than fair sex. And I am equally sure I will not chance on finding that small minority.

    Only in the last year have I trolled the internet to see if perhaps others felt as I. By pure accident I fell into Sandman, Angry MGTOW and of course our favorite Aussie from MGTOW 101. I had never heard the term MGTOW and had no reason to convert as I had already witnessed “the light” of being completely non envious of my divorced friends or hopelessly wrecked friends who had long lost their files to cut through the bars of their self constructed prisons. I had been told in the past that the reason for my discontent was my rough childhood with my matriarch and aunts. To which I answer: 1) I have no discontent and am thoroughly delighted in my freedom 2) thank God for my rough childhood as I now have the cynical self defense skills to never fall into the vagina trap of miserable matrimony.

    Alas though I have a name–finally. I do not hide in the shadows.

  3. Insidious_Sid

    Right on Charles.

    All they can do is shame us, that’s it. Just like frightened little schoolchildren calling names on the school ground, near the teacher and a safe distance away. That’s all they have.

    MGTOW Forever.

  4. Mario Rodgers

    For decades we have had to endure the constant yammering of “men are this and men are that” and everything else under the sun that’s negative, and then they have the gall to act surprised when men decide to push back? Women get to proudly proclaim “I don’t need no man” to great cheers but men who want to remain single and free get view with scorn? And there are some who want to go back to taxing them? And they still push this crap that “men are privileged”.

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