1. Don Reed, Jr.

    It is so sad that Terry Bradshaw is such a bonehead. I’m no doctor but it seems he is bi-polar, yet powers through certain things with sheer determination. Unfortunately that lets him believe that he is enabled to act the way he does. I feel bad for him.

    • Bradshaw has done commercials for mental illness & his endorsement of the meds… That has nothing to do with him answering a question that was asked to solicit his opinion or giving his opinions in general.

      Can Mike Tomlin spell “Clinton Cash” “Sanger’s Vision” “Seth Rich” yeah, I’m sure he can but none of the media pile drivers would dare ask.

  2. Bernard Diggins

    Four rings. I don’t care what the man says, he delivered at the most critical position in the biggest games. The criticism of the man over his critique of Coach Tomlin is getting out of hand at this point (and much more personal than calling Tomlin a cheerleader).

    • Joe Ratay

      Agreed! Terry Bradshaw performed when it mattered. His perhaps ill-considered remarks about Mike Tomlin characterized Tomlin’s approach and performance as a head coach (right or wrong). The critics have responded with searing personal attacks on Bradshaw.

  3. Karen Felt

    Terry Bradshaw played for one of the Greatest Coaches ever so he knows what he is talking about. He also ran the Offense during the 70’s and was the MVP of 2 Super Bowls, so I think enough said.

  4. Paul Ladd

    Yeah, Terry Bradshaw is an idiot, all right.

    Four Super Bowl rings, One Hall of Fame induction and $10 million net worth.

    Now where do I sign up . . .?

  5. NYP!

    Balderdash. Piling on the media is, in typical fashion. What if he made those comments about another coach of an unprotected class? Nothing would happen except one or two articles, maybe, and it would wither and die. PC gone wild. Just like those defenders so quick to rationalize the actions of Kapernik. In the case of Terry however, exercising his same right to speak, agree or not, he is an “idiot” and “moron”. Many still don’t get that this is in part, why an orange soothsayer is now the president.

  6. Chris Plunkett

    Terry Bradshaw is one of the Steelers all-time greatest players. He won four Super Bowl titles while calling his own plays. As a commentator, he’s entitled to his opinion. I don’t believe Tomlin is a great coach either. He certainly isn’t a motivator – our record against nfl bottom feeders tells us that. How many games have we lost in the last 3-4 seasons to much weaker teams? I’m not here to bash Tomlin. I think he’s a good- but not great coach. I don’t care about his career win percentage, etc. He’s had a future HOF QB in Roethlisberger for his entire tenure, that fact alone will nearly guarantee a coach a plus .500 record.

  7. John Stickel

    Agree, the media is the main problem here. Story became personal and taken out of context. Should have ended in three days

  8. Joe Payne

    Bradshaw was a good player but he was always a showboat. Played for a great coach but did not talk to him for years and refused to go to his funeral . Smoked the Steeler owners cigars but refused to attend his funeral also! It’s way past time that he matures and becomes a man. Somehow he won’t change and will always dislike Pittsburgh and Coach Noll. He is nothing but a cry baby will some grudges.

  9. Always a fan

    In all fairness to Tomlin he was gifted by the Rooney’ a very talented team that had leaders on the field and in the locker room and a “great” defensive co-ord and a very good, but narrow minded in style of play, offensive co-ord that he could have screwed up but didn’t. For that he deserves a lot of credit, even though Arien’s seemed to try with his “they don’t produce good running backs in college anymore” mentality and Tomlin allowed that to go on way to long.
    A great coach could take a marginal team and have them be successful, maybe not in winning a SB but have them win vs not.
    A bad coach could take a winning team and have them not play up to their abilities.
    Tomlin lies somewhere in between. He didn’t kill a winning team and thru personnel changes has continued to win, but he certainly hasn’t had them play up to their potential as much as the talent level would seem they are capable of.
    They like to throw his record out there but what is it with the group he inherited vs his personnel?
    I mean getting spanked by Denver. Running 2 point conversions to the point of failure and the loss of 2 games because of it. Time management issues, 4th down attempts at odd times, screen passes on 3rd and not much or 4th downs, obvious locker room issues at times.
    All teams have issues like any business with personnel but his seems self created plus there’s times on the sideline that he looks like he’s completely bewildered, although that’s less now but then again maybe that confusion results in going to far with 2pt attempts, mysterious 3rd/4th down plays…..
    Nonetheless the Rooney’ and media love him so he’s not going anywhere anytime soon and it could be a lot worse, say like Cleveland.
    Go Steelers!

    • joe lavia

      I see Aways a fan does not have the guts to sign his name to that garbage post.

      • Uhrin A. Yerkovski

        Some are smart enough to not put their real name on the net.
        Some use a fake name.

  10. Primo

    The primay reason that Tomlin landed the head coaching job in Pittsburgh is that he is black. The Rooney’s wanted to set the tone in the NFL and this is why he was hired. His track record against mediocre teams speaks for itself. I am often bothered in the manner in which he conducts himself as one of the “bros” on the sidelines and does not demonstrate the traits of a leader. I feel that Bradshaw’s comments are in many ways accurate.

  11. joe lavia

    I see always a fan has not got the guts to sign his name to his garbage post.

  12. joe lavia

    I see Primo is not only gutless but is a racist also.

  13. Dean

    above pictures are Great, can’t say that about all of the coach/player bashing. But GO STEELERS !!!!!!
    Steller Nation united..

    • Always a fan

      Why is it bashing when your just being critical of the weak points?
      To use Tomlin’ words: “the standard is the standard”.
      He and his people, coaches etc., should be expected to perform to that same standard and when they don’t they should expect criticism.
      It’s not bashing.
      I pay for them to perform by buying Steeler’s products and going to games, plus most if not all stadiums are payed for via tax payers $ so everyone whether they are just a cheerleading fan or something more or less has a vested interest in how they perform and the standard they perform to.
      Go Steeler’s!!!!

  14. Keith HoHo

    Tomlin doesn’t have the guts to stop Brown with his stupid show boating. Guess why.

  15. Gene finley

    Look at his stats. Take away the super bowl rings. He threw as many interceptions as he did touch downs. What a joke. A bald headed monkey could have been the quarterback and would have won. Oh that’s right they had one !!!!!

  16. Always a fan

    Would a great coach keep his starting QB in a game with a 30pt. lead late in the 4th qtr.?

  17. Shoman

    Terry Bradshaw…. When I think of Terry Bradshaw, my mind immediately sees a tall smiling happy guy. I’m thinking he’s happy with who he is and life in general. My guess is that he doesn’t have to spell cat very often and so, doesn’t really care… haha.

    Go beat up on someone smaller than you, bunch a pea brains.

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