1. JZick

    I was interested in this because the detective who captured the Biddle brothers was my grandfather’s brother. The article was very sympathetic to Kate Soffel. I don’t feel any reason to sympathize for someone who did what she did.

  2. Paul Starr

    My grandmother told me the story of the Biddle Boys, the treacherous trio stopped in the little town of Cooperstown, in Butler County to have breakfast. It seems that a girl that was about 6 years older than my grandmother, saw these ne’er do wells at the Stevenson Hotel in Cooperstown. This astute young girl saw the group and told her father who they were. After they left, he either used a telephone or a local telegraph to tell the authorities in Butler about the corrupt criminals heading toward them. Just one more bit of history lore, the building that the Biddle’s had breakfast many many years ago, is still there in downtown Cooperstown. It is about 3 miles from the Butler-Allegheny county line (RT. 8) on the west side, now being used as a warehouse for a building contractor. / out//

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