1. Bruce Mash

    Great article.
    My father, Shawn Mash, was trained by Dewey Dever’s.
    Dad is 88 and is still in practice as a hypnotherapist in Dallas, Texas.
    He always mentions Dewey to his new clients and speaks very highly of his expertise in Judo and hypnosis.

  2. Carlton Ketchum

    It’s said Dewey Deavers taught over 10,000 people to swim, using hypnosis. I must have been 4 or 5 when he taught me to swim at the old Arsenal Boy’s Club. There was a group of 20 or so of us and just using his voice, he’d put us in a mild trance so we weren’t afraid of the water. When it was time to jump in, no one hesitated. I’m still not afraid of the water. With 4 boys 5 years apart, my Dad tried to learn hypnosis. However, we proved to be too much of a distraction for him. Thanks Dewey for teaching me how to swim. If there are any Deavers out there, I’m proud to have known Dewey.

  3. Rebekah Scott

    All glory to Mr. Deaver’s human hypnosis heroics, but I gotta add that anyone can hypnotize a chicken. I’ve done it myself.
    You can watch How-To videos on YouTube!

  4. Frank Genco

    Thank you for this article.
    My Father Frank F. Genco was also trained by Mr. Dewey Deavers in Pittsburgh in the early or mid 50’s. He always mentioned this man Dewey Deavers and how influential he was to my father. He told me that he taught him how to swim and also taught him hypnosis. My father was an amputee who had his right leg removed shortly after birth. This did not stop him from swimming and actually using a skate to finish over 30 marathons. Dewey Deavers influence was instrumental in my fathers career in which he went on to become a registered hypnotist and helped thousands of people overcome their fears and addictions for His entire life. I’m so glad that this article was written about Dewey Deavers because I had no other information other then what my father had told me as a child. Thank you to him and to his family for the positive role he played in shaping my fathers career in a field that really was just being created. Thanks again for bringing to life a truly inspirational figure who shaped my fathers world view and also mine!
    Frank M. Genco

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