The Digs is now on Instagram!

Since August 2012, The Digs has been bringing you some incredible, forgotten stories from Pittsburgh’s history. As we approach our fifth birthday, we decided it was time to expand the community we’ve already built by creating a social media identity of our own.

Beginning last week, we have created an Instagram account entirely dedicated to the types of images faithful Digs readers have come to love. You can find it here or simply search @digspgh in your Instagram app and give us a follow. Once our soft launch ends next week, we will be posting on the account every Tuesday and Thursday until we run out of stories.

Just kidding! There’s always another folder to pick through here in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s archives. Join us as we revisit some of the older posts you may have missed and share the new gems we uncover on a regular basis.

Give us a follow and help make The Digs Instagram a success, one heart icon at a time.

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  1. Rey O'Connor

    Please keep it going, I love it.

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