1. Rey O'Connor

    Happy 90years. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette was an essential part of my families life when I was living back in The Burgh. We could not do with out our Gazette. It had everything you wanted in a News paper and more, even some hidden 3 numbers hidden in a certain page that you could see if you won and got lucky.

  2. Ellen Harrison

    Happy birthday to you Post Gazette may you have another 90 years we need you in our community for your honest reporting on both sides of the political spectrum and a great sports section HAPPY birthday

  3. Rane Winslow

    Congratulations, Post Gazette! Having grown up in Pittsburgh, reading the Pittsburgh Press and now the Gazette, we all liked the paper. I live in NC now and read our local paper in print and the Gazette online and in print when visiting family there. An excellent newspaper with great editorial pages, sports writing, comics and arts and living.
    Hope you have 90 more years. Keep up the good writing.

  4. Ed Malinas

    Congratulations. I recall picking the Post Gazette up for my Grandpap at the door step everyday when I was a kid in Whitehall, I still get on line to this day and read the Gazette and read the archived edition as well daily depending on the date. Thank you for all the news and great memories.

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