1. Rick Schwartz

    Love the story about Marshall Goldberg appreciate hearing the true talent and professional, I can say it’s a real honor that he was a panther! HAIL TO PITT

  2. Rick Schwartz

    Marshall Goldberg really appreciated reading the story he was a true talent and a true professional and glad that he was a panther thank you very much for your time mr. Goldberg I know you’re long gone but it was great seeing some of your action father would tell me a lot about you hail to Pitt!

  3. Myron Grauer

    What a wonderful surprise for those of us in Marshall’s family to find this tribute to him! THANK YOU! Marshall was my uncle, and I forwarded the article to his daughter , Ellen, (my cousin) who was mentioned in the article. She had no idea this was going to be written!
    I had the privilege of sitting next to Uncle Marshall during the final game at Pitt Stadium where he did the closing ceremony. As one who played mostly defensive back during his final years in the NFL, Marshall spent much of the game analyzing Pitt’s defensive positioning and was able to point out before many plays exactly what Notre Dame would do on the upcoming play to exploit Pitt’s positioning. I remember him saying before several plays that Pitt’s defensive backs were giving Notre Dame too much cushion and pointing out exactly where Notre Dame would complete a pass on the next play. And darn if Notre Dame would not complete a pass to exactly where he said they would! Seems like Pitt’s current practice of giving too much cushion on defense goes back a ways.
    Your article brings back fond memories of a fabulous person. Thank you again for honoring him in this way.

  4. Lynn Goldberg Biderman

    Marshal Goldberg was also my uncle. One of my dad’s older brothers. I loved reading this article and thank you for sending it to Ellen. I guess we’re cousins but your name is not familiar to me. It might be nice to meet as cousins on FB.
    Lynn Goldberg Biderman

  5. Ellen Goldberg Tullos

    I’m Ellen Goldberg Tullos, and I want to thank you for this wonderful article honoring what would have been my father’s 100th birthday. Fortunately my cousin Myron Grauer saw this article and sent it to me so that I could share it with my family.

    My father’s first true love was football. He cherished the game, Coach Sutherland, Pitt, and the city of Pittsburgh. They were all a constant throughout his life. He was an athlete through and through. He remained intensely active as long as he could, a trait I truly believe helped him to champion TBI and his other brain injuries from the game.
    Thank you, we were thrilled with the article and are sincerely grateful.

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