1. Sterling Pearce

    I lived in Pleasant Hill Missouri and worked outside building houses in the winter of 1978. It seemed like it was snowing almost everyday and it was COLD!! I didn’t have a TV or radio so I didn’t know how cold it was or how much snow fell until years later. Sincerely Sterling

  2. Al Glass

    I was inivng in Germantown in 1978. The temperature dropped below freezing on New Year’s Day. It did not go back above freezing for any appreciable time until March. You could wake to Camden without using a bridge. Two lizards. Dug car out from 4 feet of snow twice, Lost count of the number of times helped push a car that had become stuck. Went to Center City for the second blizzard, The er were bi cars ib the streets downtown the day after. Remember getting an ice-cream cone and walking down the middle of Spruce Street eating it.

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