1. MARK

    I was a kid in Wilkinsburg. Rioting went on for quite awhile. It was a bad time. I still believe MLK’s “assassination” was a paid murder. It smelled real fishy even to me, a young kid, in 1968. MLK, JFK, RFK, Medgar Evans…all murdered because they called for change. Every few years there was a political killing in the 60’s. Amazing! We still don’t know the truth. The remaining secret “JFK Files” were recently “released”, after 50+ years….mostly just blank or illegible pages. We’ll never know. Never Forget!

  2. Dave

    I was a 25 year old white man then and I felt for the people from “The Hill.” There was much change for me. I had gone to the Hurricane often and never felt threatened before his death. From that day to now I have never been back. I agree with the possibility that all those men were somehow killed in a conspiracy. because they fought for change. Things are better now but there is still a long way to go. I worry that it will never happen.

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