1. Dale Holbrook

    Terry was wildly under rated and overcame so much here in Pittsburgh to become one of the NFL’s greatest. Boo’d by fans and ridiculed in the press he rose above it all and fought to make a name for himself and lead this team. I have always found his story to be a source of inspiration . On e game to win…I’ll take Terry.

  2. Johnson Buggy

    The Steelers came close to finding their desired deal with the St. Louis Cardinals, according to McHugh. They would’ve traded the pick for the Cardinals’ selection and four starters, with the only condition being that Penn State defensive tackle Mike Reid still had to be on the board when St. Louis picked at No. 8.

    The Cincinnati Bengals wound up taking Reid at No. 7 overall, so the deal fell through. In a roundabout way, one of the Steelers’ oldest and most-hated rivals played a part in cementing a decade-long dynasty for Pittsburgh.

    This makes no sense. How could St. Louis take the 1st pick and the Steelers don’t know when Reid will be drafted and then only make the deal if Reid is at # 8. He may or may not have been available at 8 when St Louis drafted #1.

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