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Stranger things. Much stranger. Working in the upside down




Tenth Anniversary

Top Workplaces 2020 Virtual Awards Show

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Nish Vartanian
MSA Safety

Dave Hawkins
Mid-Atlantic Surgical Systems

Kimberly Sonafelt
Mainstay Life Services

About the Survey and Workplace Culture

How the Top Workplaces are determined

By Bob Helbig / Energage

This is the tenth year the Post-Gazette partnered with Philadelphia-based Energage to determine the Pittsburgh area’s Top Workplaces.

Doug Claffey / CEO, Energage
Don't fear negative feedback. It's all part of identifying opportunities

By Doug Claffey / Energage

In times of change, when is it best to solicit employee feedback? Company leaders should ask themselves — and their leadership team — two questions:


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