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As the Great Resignation and the Great Reinvention play out, employers and employees are thinking about their relationships.

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About the Survey and Workplace Culture

Here’s how the Top Workplaces were determined

By Bob Helbig / Energage

Employers have been forced to focus harder than ever to retain and attract talent amid the disruption of the business environment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Top Workplaces celebrates the employers that are getting it right.

Workers are doing plenty of soul searching

By Bob Helbig / Energage

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted people to give more of themselves to their work in the spring of 2020, but over time, especially in the last year, workers have decided to focus more on what they want or need.

Ignore employee burnout at your own peril

By Bob Helbig / Energage

Burnout at work is a real problem, and it has intensified during the long stretch of the pandemic.