Two Shots

African-American photographer Charles “Teenie” Harris (1908 - 1998) of Homewood left a photographic legacy of black life in Pittsburgh's Hill District.

From 1936 until his retirement in 1975, Harris covered news for the Pittsburgh Courier, a black newspaper with national reach. Pittsburgh Mayor David Lawrence nicknamed him “One Shot” for his ability to capture the photograph he wanted the first time he took it.

Harris documented life in the Hill District when it was one of the foremost black cultural neighborhoods in the country.

In 2001, the Carnegie Museum of Art acquired almost 80,000 of Mr. Harris’ negatives.

In partnership with the museum, photographers from the Post-Gazette interviewed and photographed Teenie’s subjects in 2011 and recorded their memories of him.

Best of Teenie Harris

Then and Now


Photography and videography: Rebecca Droke and Bill Wade
Original design: Chris Kirk
Redevelopment: Laura Malt Schneiderman

© Carnegie Museum of Art, Charles "Teenie" Harris Archive

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