What makes you scared? What gives you hope?
"Communication has ... got to be a tool in solving the world's problems."
Bill Gassman, 89, Sewickley
"Until we realize that we have a sick psyche — until we wake up — we're doomed."
Gerald Boykin, 68, Point Breeze
"This country was based on inclusion, love and community."
Pilar Rodriguez, 32, Cranberry
"The most terrifying thing is the rapid rate of the rise of the oceans."
Anthony Cugini, 23, University of Pittsburgh
"Jesus is about the only thing that gives me hope. And hopefully that I'm raising her right."
Charles Henderson, 27, Beaver Falls
"Hope is money. That's how I look at it. I got a job interview tomorrow.”"
Ronald Good, 46, Beaver Falls
"I'd just like everybody to get along. Have a peaceful country, have a peaceful world."
Peggy Burtrand, 80, Sewickley
"As a mother of a 3-year-old, he's the future of this country."
Rumi Mazumdar, 33, Cranberry
"I feel like we might not have the democracy we used to have."
Nowa Bronner, 19, University of Pittsburgh
"This country is not what it used to be back in the days when my mom was younger."
Joselle Schooley, 23, New Brighton
"I see a lot of change for more tolerance."
Kim Linden, 21, Point Park University
"A lot of hate and a lot of killings ... . It's happening all around me."
Alethea Campbell, 57, Hill District
"It's hard to save up, and it's hard to keep it saved."
Ryan Keblish, 31, Cranberry
"There's only one side against each other. There's never a common bridge."
Edenis Augustin, 18, University of Pittsburgh
"We still live in the freest country in the world."
Richard Sallade, 72, Cranberry
"I just keep praying and praying for peace in the world."
Kathie Nelson, 64, Forest Hills
"The Lord. He can change anything. He can change the hearts of anyone."
Rachel Poole, 19, University of Pittsburgh
"The hope is also the change — in a better direction."
Camille Green, 21, University of Pittsburgh
"Any chance of citizens revolting against law enforcement is a bit fearful."
Alyssa Morris, 28, Cranberry
"I'm a Vietnam veteran, and I know what war does."
Jerry Mellix, 69, Wilkinsburg
"It's really hard to branch out and be open to other ideas."
Dan Yates, 19, University of Pittsburgh
"I really fear that the young people of today will not have the same luxuries that the older people experienced."
Bob Nichter, 75, Sewickley
"People in this world don't see how God can free you."
Colette Comer, 25, Beaver Falls
"There is a lack of knowledge in our youth about how our freedom really is."
Jean Barsotti, 53, Ellwood City
"What scares me is when people are uneducated."
Emma Chen, 19, University of Pittsburgh
"It's hopeful that there are still people who are looking out for the greater good."
Alec Cenci, 20, University of Pittsburgh
"We're a melting pot. Don't split us up. Bring us all together."
John Clark, 72, Wilkinsburg
"Young kids are just killing each other, it doesn't make sense."
Jeffrey McBride, 50, Beaver Falls
"Since I was a small kid, I've seen the demise of the country."
Elliot Shorter, 71, Point Breeze
"I'm afraid of the unknown, the future ... finding a job."
Ayo Awoyemi, 20, University of Pittsburgh
"With the big debt that we're in, I worry about heading toward a depression."
Cathy Frasca, 89, Sewickley
"What I hope is for all mankind to come together as one. Stop the disrespect."
Beverly Diggs, 61, Penn Hills

What makes
you scared?

What gives
you hope?





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